Sitting legged- cross chamber's voice trembles,
old pipe smokes out, we listen,
get the guitar, sing us a song,
let us breath with pleasure.

With seven hundred sheep and seven dogs,
is the one who rules mountain named shepherd,
has abducted the tall, pretty bride,
cabin's chimney smoke are five living in there.

Brave highlander wearing long skirt,
went to herdsman without reaching the seventeenth,
high in the meadow ridges,
built the barrack, family to multiply.

Higher in the mountains wolves are roaring,
do not look at me, tomorrow should bring firewood,
watch over there, snow has covered,
A bit delayed, it will be severe winter.

Dear bride, prepare cellar for food,
fat cow will be slaughtered tomorrow,
have to fill hood with lighting,
day after tomorrow, we’ll go to village to buy salt.