Tyran Prizren Spahiu


dedicated to erudite Mr. Veton Surroi

... are still in the silence of Knowledge,
modest, walking with writing,
in that world, you have found your dream,
pouring letters in eternity ...

..at that time got in, a bit understood,
attempted to build The House,
wandered the paths, troublesome roads,
faced the closed door of ignorance..

Last Night you have heard, the cry of knowledge,
you did, but need more to be done, Sir,
in your being, sleeping lies,
flair, rise above the storm…

Ought to know, Loneliness is not enough,
history listens, is calling You!
should climb above the endurance,
there you will find, time of eternity…

All of us will leave out of this world,
have to be left behind not only tower of letters,
ability as conductor waits in abeyance
philharmonic seeks from you, to carve the history..